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Wooden windows

New wooden windows have appeared on the Russian market, which combine the properties of natural wood with the reliability and functionality of windows made of metal -plastic.

Modern technologies allow for window frames from wood, with excellent operational characteristics. These are Russian -made wooden windows, windows made of Eurobrus according to Finnish technology, the Norwegian windows made of northern larch and pine, as well as windows made using other European technologies.

Traditional Russian -made wooden windows have such distinctive features as the absence of a double -glazed window and the use of single or double glass instead. All accessories installed in them, also Russian production, and the quality of such windows approximately, is still “Soviet”. The only thing that attracts these windows is low price.

Windows made in Russia from Finnish materials and in Finnish quality in quality are not inferior to imported, and at a price are even lower than them. The frame of such a window is 175 mm thick, which increases the noise and thermal insulation properties of windows.

These windows are made of high -quality two -layer glued beams, and accessories are installed here. Frames of this type are made with one- or two-chamber double-glazed window, the air layer of which is filled with an argon or crypton.

Norwegian windows do not produce from a bar, but from dried whole wood of larch, or selected northern pine with increased density. The door frame is made with a 98 mm thick, the leaflets reach 68 mm.

Wheel pad in Norwegian windows, unlike other European technologies, is insulated not with silicone sealant, but rubber gaskets. And the double -glazed window itself is attached outside the house by means of a glazing -aid on self -tapping screws, which allows you to easily and simply replace it in case of damage.

Another feature of Norwegian windows is that aluminum foil is installed inside the wings in the form of a molecular sieve, which prevents the fogging of glasses at a large difference in temperature.

Wooden windows made according to Norwegian and European technologies have lower heat and sound insulation indicators, but they are still higher than that of metal-plastic windows.

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