How to choose a Christmas tree

Many people, already starting in the fall, begin to think about the upcoming celebration of the New Year. The obligatory attribute of the New Year is the Christmas tree. Currently in the markets and the store there are a huge selection of various Christmas trees. Natural and artificial trees actively begin to be sold on New Year’s Eve. Not every Christmas tree is suitable for your home. There are several simple tips to choose a beautiful Christmas tree for the upcoming holiday.

Artificial Christmas trees are very popular today. Such a Christmas tree will delight your house with its beauty for more than one year. Needles do not show off from such a Christmas tree, and you can simulate the smell of needles using an artificial shock absorber. When choosing an artificial Christmas tree, the following should be taken into account:

Do not buy Christmas trees from cheap materials. They can be made of toxic materials. Such a Christmas tree will be fire hazardous and is unlikely to last a long time. High -quality artificial Christmas trees are made from refractory materials. The best artificial Christmas trees are produced in Italy, Germany and Holland. The following quality are Christmas trees made in Thailand and Taiwan. These Christmas trees are the most successful product based on the ratio of price and quality.

The quality of the needles can be determined by the touch. Pass your hand several times on the khva and twitch the villi. If the needles did not stay in your hands, then and at home such a Christmas tree will not crumble. Any Christmas tree that legally came to Russia has a certificate of conformity, which contains information that the tree does not contain toxic materials.

Currently, an artificial Christmas tree can be purchased in markets and in city stores or in online stores. Simultaneously with the Christmas tree, you can choose Christmas decorations, toys and gifts with New Year’s symbols.

If you prefer a live Christmas tree for the holiday, buy it on New Year’s Eve. Traditional live Christmas trees begin to sell at the end of December. When choosing a Christmas tree, pay attention to whether the needles are crumbling from her. Yellowed and dried needles indicate that the tree has long been cut down. Branches should be flexible and not break with ease. There should be no mold on the tree trunk, fungi and knots. There may be a dark rim on the cut of the barrel on a long cut tree. A good Christmas tree branches grow up, and the needles contain a characteristic smell. If the Christmas tree does not have a smell, and the needles are dry, then it is frostbite.