Escalled log

The houses are beautiful and magnificent when using building material, which were developed recently or their old ones, which were updated and perfection. So, suppose that at first the design was performed and even a sketch of your land was compiled. Understanding where and what you want to build, you, accordingly, begin construction. But not a single construction could do without building materials, so it is worth considering even this. Now in the global construction market, a variety of foam, gas blocks, bricks, wood and other other materials are offered for construction.

But the construction practice is already proved by the most popular material is a log and even difficult, and a gallected. Such material is obtained not so much of natural resources, but thanks to the technologies that, of course, a person invented. So, the log is, first of all, the material, requires hand ores, but only it minimizes it much. All this happens due to the fact that a ready -made material appears in front of a person, which strictly according to the instructions and usually also adds up to drawings. This can be compared with a kind of children’s designer, who, if you fold it correctly, get a certain appearance.

But this can only happen because all the necessary conditions and, of course, the operations were already pre -completed at the factory, even there the workers made sure that there were cups for installation and the channel that help planting one part on another. But only drilling certain holes according to the so -called nagales already occur when the process of the designer is already acting, that is, the house is collected into a whole unity.