Corner baths – product characteristics

When equipping a bathroom, it is advisable to give preference to high -quality and ergonomic equipment. In the modern market, you can find a wide range of aesthetically attractive baths, differing in size, design method and manufacturing material.

Corner structures are particularly popular among owners of small -sized apartments to optimize the space of the room. Due to the variety of designs and shapes, you can choose a product suitable for any design. Modern corner baths are characterized by a long service life, they are easy to care and easily mounted.

How to choose a corner bath

When choosing plumbing equipment of this type, it is necessary to pay attention to the study of the properties of the materials of manufacture. In order for the corner bath to be as functional as possible, the area of ​​the room should be taken into account. The design of the non -traditional form is quite compact, using its installation, you can make the room more spacious and comfortable. The standard product length does not exceed 150-160 cm, this size is optimal for adopting water procedures. The ergonomic form helps to increase the internal volume of the bath. Most models are equipped with cascading mixers, thanks to which it takes much less time to fill the tank with water. On our site you can order corner baths from leading plumbing manufacturers.

Available cost and practicality differ in plastic products. Especially often they are installed in country houses or in dachas, where they are not used regularly. The disadvantage of such structures is the exposure of deformation. Increased strength is characterized by acrylic corner baths. As a rule, they have light weight and attractive design. Products do not rust, have sound and heat-insulating properties. Acrylic coating makes the bath resistant to mechanical damage and the use of detergents containing chemicals. It is worth noting that corner structures require specific installation conditions. The walls near which it is planned to place the bath, should be as smooth and smooth as possible. Asymmetric models are often equipped with support for the back, armrests and handles that make the adoption of water procedures even more comfortable.