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Is it worth resuming relations with the former

Когда отношения заканчиваются обоим кажется, что это навсегда и вас больше не будут связывать романтические отношения. But there are situations when people renew the relationship again, think that they made a mistake, parting, and decide to be together again. Unfortunately, you can not always answer the question unequivocally: should you return your relationship with your ex -boyfriend. And in order to finally make a decision, you should consider several points that are of great importance.

Is it worth resuming relations with the former

Remember how your man treated you to your break. What lifestyle he led, what he dreamed about and so on. What you did not like in his attitude towards you. Then look at him now. How much it has changed. And whether you are satisfied with its changes.

Of course, you are already an adult and all decisions are able to make yourself. However, your loved ones are still able to influence your decision to one degree or another. That is why think about whether your ex -boyfriend like your family. After all, it is quite difficult to meet a man who does not like your family.

It is also worth thinking about whether your ex -former guy of your communication circle, that is, your friends. Ask them what they like or vice versa what you don’t like. Of course, to be with him or not to decide, but perhaps your friends have noticed some positive or negative moments of your ex that you did not notice. And this is what can affect your decision.

Look at what he does in order to resume the relationship with you. What actions he now does in relation to you. Does he recognize his mistakes and whether he is ready to change for you. If all this answer is negative, then it makes sense to resume relationships, there is no. Because you will return to what you have once left.

Is it worth resuming relations with the former

Think about the future with this person. Do you see yourself with him a family. You would like to marry him. If neither you nor your former plan a long relationship with each other, then it costs nothing to resume.

If the reason for your parting was that he changed you should seriously think about whether it is really worth returning a relationship. Have you really forgiven him his infidelity. Will you continue to continue your relationship without remembering treason and not constantly reproaching it in this. In addition, is he ready to keep you loyalty and no longer change.

Remember how exactly you broke up. If the gap has passed peacefully and after it you remained in good friendships then then it will be easier. If you parted with a big scandal and spoke to each other a lot of not pleasant things, then it will be difficult to reconcile. And you will need to think not only about whether to put up, but also how to do it.