White asphalt: a way to reduce air temperature

Everyone knows that white objects are most able to reflect the rays of sunlight, while blacks have a diametrically opposite property – they absorb heat from the surrounding space. Is there any benefit from this fact in the segment of urban planning? Naturally, yes! Representatives of the initiative group from Cool Change Cits Project proposed creating asphalt not in ordinary black form, but white.

As it turned out, the black color scheme for asphalt is a key factor for the fact that in the summer period of time in most megacities it is simply impossible to live, it is located. This is due to the fact that the temperature regime of the entire road surface in certain cases can reach a temperature mark of 100 degrees Celsius. All this has a significant impact on the entire climate in a certain settlement, thus, the formation of an internal microclimate occurs, which can differ significantly from the one that is present in the suburbs.

Black asphalt throughout the daylight accumulates sunny heat and does not release it into the surrounding space until the dark night. Within the framework of the study, it was found that the road surface of dark color helps to increase the air temperature in the city of the city by an average of 7 degrees Celsius. A completely logical question arises: is it possible to make asphalt absolutely white?

In such an original way, it is possible to significantly reduce the temperature regime of air in the summer time. A decrease in temperature will contribute to a decrease in electricity consumption, and on a municipal scale, this is a significant saving of finance. It is calculated: in New York alone, with the help of white, you can save up to $ 55 million annually.