Which material for the kitchen is better: MDF or plastic

Many are interested in the question of what is better for the kitchen: MDF or plastic? No one can give a definite answer, since each of these materials has its own disadvantages and advantages.

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MDF is deciphered as a finely dispersion fraction. In other words, this material is wood dust mixed with glue and compressed under high pressure. On top of the finished pressed material, a PVC film is also glued under the influence of high pressure.

Plastic compared to MDF tolerates increased temperature and humidity better. So, for example, if you act on the facade of MDF from a boiling kettle, then the surface film of the material is deformed. In this case, the plastic, undoubtedly, wins.

Potential buyers often worry about the environmental safety of these materials, which can not be done, since modern technologies can allow them to use them without harm to health and environment.

Another big plus of these materials is their boundless options for both color and design solutions. Thanks to special production methods, the color of the kitchen, regardless of choice, will always serve for a very long time, will not be erased or fading. In addition, with any of the elections, and for the one and the other kitchen, special care is not required.