Which laminate to choose?

Paul is one of the very places in the house that experiences many loads: walking, running of humans and animals, moving furniture. As a result, it is logical that the floor should be the most invulnerable and strong. Therefore, we advise you to choose a laminate as a floor covering. Which, unlike expensive parquet, does not require special care (quite traditional wet cleaning), durable, strong and reliable. There are 6 laminate classes in total:

Class 21.Laminate suitable for home rooms, more or more bedrooms.

Class 22. Laminate suitable for premises with an average travel intensity on it is more for children’s.

Class 23. Laminate, which should be laid in rooms where the degree of walking is quite high. For example, in the kitchen, hallway.

Class 31. A laminate that is advisable to lay in commercial rooms where any movements are rare.

Class 32. Laminate for commercial premises with average walking intensity .

Class 33. Laminate suitable for commercial premises where walking is constant, intense.

When choosing a laminate, you should think not only about how often they will walk along it, but also about how often it will be washed, for example, laminate 21-22 of grades has a lower degree of moisture resistance than class 23.31-33. Among other things, the laminate can have various additional layers of protection, which is, of course, only a plus for the laminate.

We bring to your attention a laminate from the Norwegian company Alloc, which has long established itself in the building materials market. The laminate of this company is exclusively. Differs in a special degree of moisture resistance and environmental friendliness. Among other things, it is possible to buy the Alloc Home Plus laminate 32 class, as well as choose exactly your color scheme among the incredibly larger variety of shades.