Which ceiling to choose?

Today there is no problem with choosing the ceiling, as there are many options for every taste and wallet. The problem is perhaps different, namely, what criteria to be guided when choosing a method of finishing the ceiling. Consider several ways.

Stretch ceiling. A few years ago, this option was available only to people with high income. Today the situation has changed, and the cost of a stretch ceiling has decreased significantly. If you choose a suture canvas, this is the most affordable option. The fabric ceiling includes more expensive. He is usually seamless. It is easy to care for stretch ceilings, it is enough to wash them from time to time with ordinary water and soap.

Installation of suspended ceilings does not require any preliminary preparation of the surface of the ceiling (alignment, plastering) and is performed within one day. There is a wide variety of color shades of the paintings of a stretch ceiling, as well as paintings with drawings or photo springs. In addition, the backlight set in a certain way can change the type of ceiling.

Gypsum cardboard decoration. Used to give the ceiling a perfectly flat surface for painting. It is most often that this material is used if it is required to create a multi -level structure. This option helps to visually raise the ceiling. The ceiling finishing with a gypsocatron is an economical option and a fairly fast. This material is easy to paint and paste out with wallpaper.

Multi -level structures. It can be created in various ways, but the most common ones are installation of gypsum -cash plates on metal profiles or tension structures. In more detail with options for multi -level ceilings will be familiar with professional designers. They will offer a color scheme, and tell you how to increase or decrease the height of the ceilings.