When is it better to relax in India

India is located south of the Gimalayev, which makes it a warmer territory, compared to other countries at the same latitudes. This is used by numerous tourists from around the world who go there.

But you should know when it is better to go to this ancient country located in South Asia.

When is it better to relax in India

A larger influx of tourists in India is observed in the autumn-winter period. It begins from October and lasts until March. The most suitable for traveling around the country is the month of November and month December. This period is the most cool and dry in India. It is also called a high season for tourists and vacationers.

The fact is that in this period of time the optimal weather conditions for relaxation are formed. Warm water and air, a small amount of precipitation favors a full rest, bathing and numerous excursions. You can take treatment courses, as well as skiing, visiting ski resorts in the north of India.

When is it better to relax in India

To get into the country during the high season, you need to take care of this in advance. The influx of vacationers is huge and the chances of just taking and come to buy in the waters of the Indian Ocean and sunbathe on beautiful beaches you will not have any.

The spring-summer period is unfavorable for relaxation, it is called a low season. Since in the spring the hot season with daytime temperatures for plus 40 comes, and then it replaces the season of monsoon rains, with very wet air (close to 100%) and high temperature. At the end of summer, during the departure of Musson, hurricanes and typhoons are not uncommon with a wind speed of 100 km per hour.

All this does any rest very, very problematic and uncomfortable.

To all this, one should add here the fact that in Indian hotels, other places for relaxation and entertainment, as well as in transport, as a rule, there are absolutely no air conditioners. Europeans, accustomed to comfortable conditions and relatively moderate temperature regimes, transfer this very difficult. Rest can turn into suffering.

During the low season, you can organize your rest, except in the mountainous regions of the country, they are located in the north of the country in the southern spurs of the Gimalayas. But the area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir should be excluded, due to the restless situation there (for its own safety).

In the mountains, the temperature during the day is very acceptable of 23-29 degrees of heat, there is little precipitation, which is normal for relaxation and skiing.

However, you need to be prepared for unpleasant surprises in the form of sharp cold dumbbells, as well as the sensitive power of the winds. In addition, not everyone loves skiing and relaxation among snow and mountains.

Tourists cannot explain what this mysterious country attracts them like that, but they want to come here again. At least 6 million tourists come to India every year, and this speaks for itself.