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What sport helps to remove the stomach

Each of us wants to attract people’s attention and be perfect, but young mothers after childbirth and men who are never fond of sports not notice some changes in their figure and dream of getting rid of the annoying kilograms. A beautiful and flat stomach has those who make efforts to this every day. Therefore, it is necessary to play sports, in addition to observing proper nutrition.

What sport helps to remove the stomach

If the task is only to remove excess fat on the stomach and from the sides – the best sport will be bodyflex. Running is also a good tool for body correction, but, as a rule, not everyone can force themselves to run a few circles especially in cloudy weather.

Bodyflex can be safely engaged in at home or in a special aerobic hall with a professional instructor.  This system is guaranteed to help women and men transform their body.

Arriving at the gym, you can meet girls who senselessly perform twisting, inclins to the sides and other body movements. The obesity of their figure is not eliminated, because usually they forget about the correctness of the technique of performing exercises, the intensity and the number of repetitions, as well as the diet. Most of the rare visitors to the gym are engaged in an independent incorrect built program. Such classes eventually become absolutely useless and only disappointing those who dream to get rid of the abdomen.

What sport helps to remove the stomach

So, bodyflex is the best modern gymnastics technique that is based on breathing. It affects people far from sports, since this type of gymnastics does not contain intense exercises.

For the correct implementation of the complex, first of all, five -stage breathing should be mastered:

At a slow pace, exhale through the mouth of all air contained in the lungs. In this case, fold the lips with a tube.

Inhale quickly and intensively.


Hold your breath for 10 seconds and pull your stomach maximally.

Relax and take a breath.

The delaying belly is called the exercise “vacuum”, which helps to use all the muscles of the abdomen. You need to train until everything happens correctly.

What sport helps to remove the stomach

It is important to engage in bodyflex every day, otherwise the effect will not be noticeable. The next set of exercises will help put the stomach in order in the shortest possible time:

Bend your legs, knees parallel to the floor, make a squat, hands extended forward. Perform a breathing exercise. Next, lower the left hand down, putting the elbow to the knee and transfer the weight to the leg. Pull the right hand to the side, in no case tingling the heels from the floor.

Then you need to lie on your back, bend your legs, and leave the feet on the floor. Stretch your arms up, tearing your shoulders from the floor, while the head lies tight on the floor. Then slowly put everything in the previous state. At the top you should freeze for a few seconds.

The exercise of the bodyflex, which is called scissors, helps against a sagging abdomen. Lying on the floor, stretching out straight legs, fold your hands under the buttocks with your palms down. Then raise both legs (if it is difficult to raise both legs, raise one by one) and imitate scissors, translating one toe of the leg after another. Perform 3 times 20 seconds.

The last comprehensive exercise that involves the waist, hips and lower back is called “Krendeliki”. Sitting on the floor, you should cross your legs in your knees so that one is on top of the other. To the left hand we transfer the weight of the body back that leg that is below. Perform a breathing exercise. Repeat this exercise with another foot on 10 count.

You should never regret yourself, you need to give all your best 100%!