What interest in tourists causes the Palace Palace

This building is the largest ancient palace of the world. It costs at an altitude of 3767 m higher than the sea level in the very center of Lhasa (city district in Tibet of the PRC) on the top of the Red Mountain. The palace received the name in honor of the mountain called the Potala, which is located in the south of India. According to legend, Bodhitsattva Chenrezi lives on that grief (a creature that strives for awakening). It is him who represents the Dalai Lama on Earth. This palace was the residence of spiritual leaders until 1959, until China Tibet’s capture.

What interest in tourists causes the Palace Palace

The Palace Palace is a sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism. That is why it is of great interest among tourists. Many pilgrims come here from all over the world.

The history of the palace begins in the 7th century. It was then that a wooden palace was built for the most revered and famous woman in Tibet by Princess of Tansa, niece of Emperor Wen Chen. But he did not stand for long and in the 8th century was destroyed.

The new story began already in the 17th century. Since then, the palace has been preserved in the form in which he was restored. Now he is under the protection of UNESCO and represents as a museum complex. It is also called a new miracle of light, and it is believed that it is a “pearl on the roof of the world”.

The majestic structure has a total area of ​​360 thousand square meters, the total height is about 120 meters. The nine -story palace has over 2000 rooms. Built it right on the slope of the mountain. The interior is striking in its beauty and decoration. A typical style for Tibet, in which the palace is built, is the most vivid architectural creation of local masters.

What interest in tourists causes the Palace Palace

The palace has two main parts: in the center – the Red Palace, and on the sides there are two pavilions (White Palace).

All religious ceremonies and prayers were held in the Red Palace. The relics of the Dalai Lama, priceless relics and numerous values ​​are also stored there.

Inside there are four temples that are all in the largest hall of the Red Palace. This hall is all painted with unique paintings that are similar to the miniatures of Persia. They are known to the whole world.

The entire hall consists of jewelry, there is a place of a sacred tomb. All this indicates the greatness and power that the fifth Dalai Lama possessed. His images can be seen in murals.

Immediately there are five sts of the Dalai-Lama (tombs). The most expensive of them is the tomb of the fifth Dalai Lama. The sandalwood from which the stupa is made is covered with pure gold (3727 kg), decorated with precious stones and pearls (18680 pieces).

Only this can be judged by the invaluability of this structure.

What interest in tourists causes the Palace Palace

The White Palace was a place where the courtiers lived, guests were accepted, there are pantries, where values, treasures, sacred literature and weapons were stored and stored (according to conversations).