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Well on your site

What could be tastier than pure water, which is generously shared with us Earth. Therefore, if in your site soil waters do not lie too deep, do not be lazy and you will get out of the well. This process, although it will be time -consuming, it is worth it.

So, having decided with the help of geologists about the place of passage of an underground water flow, you can start work. Dig a fairly deep hole with a diameter of about 150 cm.

Then the line behind concrete rings prepared in advance. Lower the first ring to the bottom of the pit. So that it goes better, dig up the soil inside. When the first ring settles, proceed to the installation of the next, etc.D. But after installing the second ring, it will be necessary to dig up the soil with the help of a special mechanism that allows the ground to raise the ground to the surface.

When laying subsequent rings, a hitch may occur in operation, t.e. The rings will stop settling under their own weight. In this case, it will be necessary to load them by laying a dense wooden or metal shield with stones imposed on it. For lifting water, you can use submersible pumps for wells, they are effective at large depths and provide you and your personal plot with the necessary water pressure.

Do not stop working at the first signs of water. Try to delve into the most aquifer.

Когда все кольца будут уложены, их необходимо скрепить между собой раствором из цемента с песком. The bottom of the well is sprinkled with natural gravel, which will serve as a water filter.

First you will need to load a special pump for pumping water into the well. When make sure that the water has filled the well enough and does not leave it, the pump can be extracted. Install a special gate over the well, with the help of which you will lower a bucket for water intake.