We paint the glass

Sometimes there is a need for painting glass. This may be caused by the desire to decorate the window for the holiday, or the need to try itself as the creator of stained glass. In general, any reason is possible. Let’s look at how to paint glass surfaces correctly.

To create window paint, we need about a hundred grams of water, 5-10 grams of gelatin, a coloring base, vinegar and waterproof varnish. First, heat the water to 60-80 degrees and solve the gelatin in it. For the coloring base, take a couple of drops of water acidified by vinegar, missed through the spell of the felt -tip pen.

Next, stirring thoroughly, mix gelatin with dye. The paint is ready. Now it is necessary to apply a warm mixture to the glass, after placing it horizontally. It is best to do it with a spray gunner. Then you should let the paint dry at room temperature. After drying, apply a thin layer of waterproof varnish over the paint. It is very important to smear the ends if the pattern reaches the edge of the glass surface.

But there is neither the strength nor the desire to mess with the preparation of a coloring solution, you can just buy special stained glass paints. One way or another, the creation of a painting on the glass will create a unique interior.

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