We paint the asbestos -cement roof

Over time, asbestos -cement sheets (in other words – slate), with which the roof of your home is covered, burn out in the sun and lose their attractiveness. They can be refreshed, stained with oil paints (for external work), as well as a mastic of bitumen.

But painting work, in order to avoid chief sheet breakdowns, should be carried out from running bridges. To make it more convenient to carry out painting work, bridges must be installed on both sides of the stained surface. The board with which the painting work will be performed is laid across the bridges and is reliably fixed on them. The bridges themselves are strengthened on the ridge crest with the help of high planes stuffed on them or special hooks. To maintain a roofing and reduce the load from the roof, it is recommended to install the roof heating, this will provide even the most severe winters uniform heating of the roof, thereby preventing the formation of ice and snowdrifts on the roof.

Before proceeding to the color of the slate, its surface must be granted. For this, bitumen is diluted with kerosene or solar oil in a rating of 2: 3. You can also dilute bitumen gasoline (3: 7). A little filler is also added to the hot primer (small sawdust, wood flour, sifted asbestos or chopped chalk). But, working with such a primer, do not forget that it is fire hazard.

Когда огрунтованная поверхность асбоцементной крыши полностью высохнет, можно приступать к ее покраске. Oil paint for external work should be chosen not lighter than the primer itself.

And even better, if you paint the slate, you will be a mastic based on the same bitumen. It will need to melt to a state of dehydration and, removing from the fire, mix with the filler. At the same time, the filler in molten bitumen should be added gradually, in small portions, with constant stirring, to obtain a homogeneous consistency of mastic. Apply mastic to the roof hot.

This color will give your roof not only a new gloss – bitumen mastic is also a good sealant.