We glue the wallpaper correctly

Many people often glue wallpaper and believe that they know about this process all. But is it really so.

After all, it is not as simple as it seems. But, everyone can learn.

Easy cosmetic repairs noticeably transforms the room, and if the wallpaper is also selected correctly, it can visually increase the room or hide low ceilings. Most often, your wrong actions end with such unpleasant consequences as the divergence of the seams, the appearance of bubbles, or just the lag of wallpaper from the wall.

Given the variety of wallpaper sheets, the approach to each of them is not always the same and universal. There are simple paper wallpaper, vinyl, glass wallpaper, liquid, and also wallpaper for painting. The proposal of the construction market, and in particular the wallpaper market today is very extensive: a variety of colors, textures, quality: moisture resistant, washable, smooth and embossed.

Paper wallpapers are the simplest in pasting, and at a price they are the most acceptable. First you need to prepare the wall, it is necessary that it be perfectly dry and even. Next, you need to measure and cut off the required size of the wallpaper strip, if necessary, choose a pattern. Then you need to apply the appropriate glue type for this type of wallpaper. It must be evenly applied to the wallpaper and left for a while, to let it be saturated, literally a few minutes. Then you can already glue the wallpaper, starting from a pre -painted flat vertical line.

For vinyl wallpapers, the procedure of pasting is slightly different. For this type of wallpaper, glue should be applied not only to wallpaper, but also to the wall.