We decorate our dwellings using ceramic tiles

Man is constantly surrounded by the natural beauty of nature. And, quite understandable, the desire of people to imitate nature, make beauty with their own hands. Of course, first of all, this concerns the home. People embodied their fantasies in a variety of ways – from decorating houses in fresh flowers to the creation of mosaic patterns. And if the first time all this was located mainly on the walls, then gradually it came to decoration of the floor.

And the main decoration of the floors was mosaic tiles. After a long break, tiles for the floor again decorates the floors of modern dwellings. It is here that each client will find ceramic tiles of the most famous European and domestic manufacturers. Moreover, people of various wealth can afford such a product, since here are samples of tiles from strict classics, to the latest elite developments. Therefore, now even a small kitchen can delight its owners with a beautiful floor and walls.

The creators of modern ceramic tiles use the achievements in this area of ​​antiquity masters. And samples of such tiles are constantly found by archaeologists during excavations of ancient cities. The most fully preserved jewelry of floors and walls are represented in the remains covered with the volcanic ash of the Etna volcano, the ancient city of Pompei. And many modern designers, studying ancient drawings, try to create their exclusive works. After all, the classic will forever remain a real source of inspiration for other generations.

A century a century ago, only very wealthy people were available with tiles. Now, thanks to the new technologies for the manufacture of ceramic tiles, it has become quite affordable in price, to practically everyone. And if in the 20th century simplicity prevailed in the interior of the premises, and even a kind of asceticism, then the 21st century returns beauty to the design of our houses. And far from this, ceramic tiles played the least role in which you can portray any pattern.