Ways to protect wood from fire

You can lose a country house or cottage in a matter of minutes, if you do not take measures in advance to fire protection of the structure. In other words, it is necessary to process the surface of wooden structures and install a fire alarm.

Fire retardant processing of wood is carried out in two ways:

impregnation of wood refractory compositions;

surface processing with fire retardant paints or pastes.

The first type of fire -retardant materials is used to process wooden surfaces located in sight. The case is the properties of these impregnations, they retain the appearance and texture of wood. Fire retardant impregnations can be diluted with ordinary water or solvent – it depends on their brands. The impregnations are applied by a spray gun or brush, the depth of its penetration depends on the variety of wood and the type of liquid. The instructions for use indicate the deadline for drying.

The second type of materials is used in the processing of hidden structural elements of the house, for example, roof. In appearance, some of the coatings resemble paint and are applied by a spray gun or brush. Manufacturers produce coating of different colors. Coatings in the form of pastes, in their appearance, resemble plaster and are applied with a spatula. All manufactured impregnations and coating must undergo mandatory certification and have conclusions from sanitary supervision authorities allowing their use in residential premises.

A fire alarm is established by a specialized organization after conducting an appropriate examination and drawing up a working project.