Water well drilling

One of the most frequent problems outside the city is the problem of the lack of enough clean drinking water. People living in rural areas use deep wells in the old fashioned way, mistakenly counting the water from them suitable for drinking. Why erroneous? It is very simple – the wells are not so located so that various harmful substances from the surface, for example, pesticides, the remains of fertilizers, waste waste and so on, do not get inside them. Feeling the fields and getting a crop, a person does not think that thereby he causes great harm to the ecology, polluting groundwater. That is why more and more often mass diseases are found outside the city with various intestinal infections.

In the country cooperatives of our country, the water supply of many sites is usually carried out using a water tower, the work of which also leaves much to be desired. Cases are not rare when at the right moment, for example, in severe heat, the tower is simply unable to provide everyone with water. Therefore, in order not to experience a problem with water supply in the future, it is necessary to use more advanced technologies. Once and for all to forget about any problems associated with water supply, such a service that is relevant today as drilling wells for water will help. Qualified specialists will drill a deep well, pure water from which will be plenty of to satisfy household and personal needs.

Today, two methods of drilling are used to create wells in our country – a screw and rotary. Shnekovovoye is best suited to those who do not differ in high water consumption and are simply looking for an additional source. Drilling in this case is produced at a small depth and is carried out using the classic archimedan of the screw. The soil should not be too hard, ideal if it is sandy. As for the depth of groundwater. If the depth exceeds eighty meters, instead of the screws, a rotor is used that allows you to teach wells up to two hundred and fifty meters deep. The water at such a depth itself is clean and high -quality, it is called artesian.

Autonomous source of water in a summer cottage will open great prospects. For example, you can get your own pool and normal sewage for a country house. Here this refers not to a traditional cesspool, but a modern septic tank convenient in operation. This method of cleaning waste and drainage waste will allow you to pollute the soil and the environment, because the output is completely safe, liquid mixture, devoid of harmful compounds and pathogenic microorganisms. Once solving the problem with water, you can provide the most comfortable pastime outside the city. And your family will be infinitely grateful for such a gift.