Wall panels | Construction

The wall panel is a wooden frame lined with plastic tiles OSB-3. Standard manufacture of panels: width 0.6, 1.2, 2.4 meters, and height: 2.4 and 2.7 meters. In the manufacture of panels, only strict and dried lumber is used. Initially, the panels have smooth or can be said even surfaces and do not require any more additional costs for materials, for example, to align the walls, before decoration with leaf finishing materials, that is, panels. Standard thickness is 200, 150 and 100 mm.

The panels are very light, and 2-3 people will be able to cope in construction, well, or rather installation in the house. When installing hollow frame panels, there is no need to use any special technique (for example, a lift or some devices) and thereby, it is possible to save surrounding trees or other interfering objects.

You have not wondered? Why are the panels hollow, and not filled with insulation immediately during their production. And all because, when erecting the frame, it is much easier, and most importantly, it is more reliable to compound the elements with each other, excluding the appearance of the cracks between the compounds of the structures, during some time, and especially in the hums most often this defect manifests itself. Many communications (wires, pipelines, ventilation ducts, sewage and water pipes) can be laid inside.

Wall panels are connected using self -tapping screws (screws – screws), as well as various fasteners made of hardened steel, which are widespread in any stores. From the tools we need – a hammer, a hacksaw, a drill. It is still very important that, when installing panels, there are no wet processes – it is not required to knead any cement mortar. A powerful foundation is not required to build wooden frame houses. One of the simple solutions is coming towards us – screw piles! Since they have a certain advantage over reinforced concrete structures.

But how to warm the house? Here the developer already chooses himself, based on his capabilities and personal beliefs on the materials. But before saying about the insulation, you need to notice the house 2 online for free – do not save or simplify, because in the future it can be much more expensive. The thicker the insulation and denser, the less financial costs of heating the room will go away. It is also recommended to lay insulation from mineral fiber in the panel, because it has high heat – insulating characteristics and excellent fire properties. And to preserve the heat -insulating properties of the insulation, from the inside of the room, it is necessary to close it tightly with a vapor barrier, and the vapor permeable windproof membrane is very well sewn on the outside of the OSB panel, thereby ensuring the long -term use of the insulation.

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