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Wall insulation, their options

Often, especially on autumn days, many apartment owners begin to seriously think about warming their housing. Of course, there are significant reasons for this, one of them is poor thermal insulation of multi-storey buildings, which is why most of the heat simply quickly leaves the walls of the dwelling. Especially, the cold in the apartment is noticed during the first cold weather, before the start of the heating season. It is on such days that the demand for electric heaters and thermal insulation materials increases.

Yes, the heaters, although for half an hour, can normalize the temperature in housing, but also quickly loses housing and will lose it as soon as the heater is turned off, now the high consumption of electricity with such technology, many are a reason to take care of the additional insulation of housing. The main and effective option is now external wall insulation, since it allows you to significantly warm housing, while not occupying a percentage of living space. But this type of housing insulation has a high price, which, in principle, quickly pays off, because using the electric heater will be needed several times less. And the heat in housing will be maintained for a really long period, even in the absence of centralized heating.

There is also internal insulation, which is rarely used due to its disadvantage. But in, then, the same time of insulation is considered the simplest, usually foam or mineral wool is used in the form of insulation. This type of wall insulation takes a certain percentage of living space, so in addition to this it does not protect the main walls of housing, which still freeze during frost, and the insulation itself after a while loses its properties. What is the best way to use the option of insulation purely personal, but it will take care of maintaining heat in housing, everyone follows.