Wall insulation outside

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For insulation of walls from the outside, you need: foam, plastered fiberglass mesh, starting profile, soil, dry mixture for plaster, reinforced corners, dowels of several types, special glue for foam. You also need a drill, drill, fishing line, stapel, stapler, roulette, brush, level, mixer nozzle and a container for the solution. Foam should be taken a little more than necessary. The polystyrene should be at least 5 cm. The first thing in the process of insulation is the processing of the walls, which you plan to insulate. Then you need to treat the walls with a deep penetration soil. Without this process, it is impossible to insulate the walls with foam.After the wall dries on it, you need to fix the starting profile. Then you can start sticking the foam. Glue should be applied evenly. It also needs to be applied to the foam and the wall. Also glue should also be applied to the joints of the foam. Glue should dry at least three days. Fasting the glue dried foam is additionally strengthened using dowels. When you fixed the foam, you need to treat it with a layer of soil and plaster. You need to drown a fiberglass mesh in the plaster. Reinforced corners mount the corners of the building.