Wall decoration in the corridor

Behind the front door, at the entrance to the apartment, the corridor begins. The corridor is part of the apartment, by definition – this passage is long, but in fact, it can be narrow and wide. Therefore, what walls are in the corridor is very important. The room called the corridor consists of internal, external corners, doorways. All this is connected by walls. The choice of the color scheme of wallpaper for the corridor must be approached very responsibly. The mood will directly depend on this, the choice of the main way of decorating the walls of the apartment and room for a teenager in particular, but about the repair of a room for a teenager all details on /.

At the first stage, in the wall decoration when leveling, you can choose black wallpaper with a light pattern and shifting all the accents, close the flaws in the condition of the walls. On the walls free from the wallpaper, you can see all the irregularities, cracks, influxes. All defects that occurred during the operation of the room. It is necessary to align the walls, otherwise all the work will go to the smart.

There are only two methods of leveling the walls:

– drywall;

– dry mixes.

Gypsum cardboard, unfortunately, in small rooms, with a large number of doors, sharply reduces the volume of the room, as it is fixed on the profiles.

Dry mixtures used to align the walls are more relevant and convenient. They are very popular. The technology for applying dry mixtures is painted in many guidelines. The most time -consuming stage is the preparation of walls for alignment. And it has to be done. Without cleaning and eliminating all kinds of defects, the subsequent work will not bring the expected effect.

Even walls prepared, you can simply pasteen wallpaper with the chosen gamut of the color or paint the walls. You can choose a more modern decoration method as a cork or fabric coating. The sticker of wall panels is also suitable for wall decoration.