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Unusual office building

At the mention of London architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is Big Ben or the Tauer bridge. Here, like every aspect is full of traditionalism and classics.

Everyone who thinks that the modern English capital consists of castles and palace complexes are significantly mistaken, there are a large number of very unusual and memorable structures that have different stylistic affiliations. The most striking example of high -quality modern architecture and an unusual creative flight of design thought is the office complex Lloyd’s Building, owned by the Lloyd insurance company.

This magnificent construction was built in 1986 in accordance with the project of the famous architect Rogers, who is considered one of the founding fathers of Hai-Tex style. The building combines and demonstrates the possibility of the rational use of the internal space of the entire structure, unequ which other architectural styles. The entire originality of the specified project is that he actually has all the communication funds to the facade external part. Among local residents, this building is also known as a “house by all.”.

The building is based on three “towers”, which are located around the circle to the central atrium. Its height is about 60 meters. You can move from one tower to another through escalators.

External windows consist of a three -layer structure with sunscreen double -glazed windows. The peculiarity of these packages is that they can quite effectively refract light rays back into the interior. In an evening period, in this way it will be possible to significantly reduce the costs associated with electricity. It was this architect who first introduced the practice of using external glass elevators.