Universal mastic UMS-50

Mastic is used to repair and seal the covered joints of the external walls, for insulation of windows of windows and doors to the walls. The width of the joint, which must be seized, should not exceed 30 mm. The properties of mastic are preserved in temperature boundaries from – 50 ° C to +70 ° C.

In appearance resembles a viscous mass, homogeneous consistency. The sealant of synthetic rubber, and plasticizers are made. Mastic is sold in briquettes 150 cm long, wrapped in a plastic film.

Application of sealing mastic is carried out using an electrical sealant type “joint”. Space designed for sealing must be cleaned of dust and dirt. It is strictly forbidden to apply the material on a wet surface. To protect moisture, it is necessary to primer the ends of the outer panels with special compounds. Before applying mastic, the temperature should correspond to no less – 15 g.WITH.

Coating process.

1. A mastic tape is filed in the a sealing hopper, which is pressed to the screw, the forming nozzle is introduced and the drive is turned on.

2. The screw as a result of rotation captures mastic, which through the nozzle passes into the opening of the joint.

3. The mastic of VSTOK should be applied with a continuous roller.

4. To protect the mastic from sun radiation, treated surfaces should be covered with polymer -cement solutions.

Transportation of the product must be carried out in a closed container that protects the contents from atmospheric precipitation. Store the composition in dry rooms. Mastic SMS-50 sealing non-hardening should not be near heating devices. It is recommended to store from the heating system at a distance of 1 m. The service life reaches 15 years.