Uneven walls

In our city apartments, the quality of the walls wants to be better. The walls are not even, in them are depressions, irregularities, voids. Those who at least once made repairs with their own hands know all these problems. This applies not only to the houses of old buildings, new houses also have these shortcomings. Now they generally rent apartments in new buildings in the form.

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Therefore, with a cosmetic or overhaul, the walls cannot be dispensed with. At the same time, the type of finishing does not matter. When painting walls, pasting with wallpaper, decoration with ceramic tiles – for everything you need careful leveling of the walls. Even if you want to finish the walls with plastic panels, then this type of finish will require the walls, as the panels are installed on strictly horizontal wooden rails. But if the wall is crooked, then the panels will not be installed exactly on it.

The walls are aligned with putty. The leveling of the walls will need not a small amount of putty. Putty is prepared from a dry mixture of vetonitis. About 10 kV. m. walls will need up to 150 kg of vetonite. But the required amount of the mixture depends on the curvature of the wall. The most popular type of putty today is KNAUF today. This is a more plastic look and it is easier to work with it.