Ukrainians are in no hurry to sell their lands

A lot of disputes among Ukrainian citizens caused a question related to the sale of land. Some Ukrainians did not believe that the moratorium on earth would be accepted, and someone hoped that he would be accepted.

Sale of land, especially if it is chernozem, washes to bring good money. However, after the cancellation of the moratorium on the sale of land in Ukraine, a study was conducted.

These studies have shown that 43% of the land owners will rent land to the land. Only about 7% of respondents, agree to sell their land, and at a price for 1 hectare of 6 thousand dollars.

29% of respondents are ready to cultivate their lands on their own. Approximately 10% of respondents belong to serious farmers.

Those who have not yet decided on their result make up only 12%.

After the cancellation of the moratorium, the minimum cost of the Earth’s hectare will be 300 euros. The price will only rise annually, so many experts recommend investing their funds precisely in the land resource.

But, unfortunately, Ukrainian large farmers are not yet ready to pay a lot for land, and foreign investors are looking for various loopholes to buy land in Ukraine.

However, foreigners still find a way out of this situation and register land acts for fake Ukrainian persons.

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