Tower construction crane- what is it?

There is a large classification of cranes. Today we will talk about tower crane. Turning crane – this is a tower construction crane, which is designed to carry out construction work and transfer heavy cargo to a construction building. Any construction of high -rise buildings implies the presence of tower cranes.

Such a crane is controlled from the cabin, which is located on the crane itself and the driver is sitting in it behind the control panel. He controls this unit strictly according to the rule. The cabs are located at the very top for a good view.

Raising the cargo is carried out using a winch, suspension (hook) and a cargo rope. Due to this, the load can be hooked and transferred to the required height and distance. The tower crane moves using a running rail device. There is also a classification of cranes: with a non-expired tower and rotary, and a supporting device serves as their connection. It provides the transfer of loads from cargo to a non -rotten frame.

If you need this type of crane for the above types of work, then the order and rental of the crane can be made both in the online store and in construction companies. Delivery should be carried out by the representative of the crane.

It is most preferable to check the serviceability of the crane before buying, looking at the technical passport and documents on the purchase and operation of the crane, thus, you will protect yourself and the health of workers working for you.

The tap is equipped with various functions: change of departure, lifting cargo, movement and turn. All these functions help not only to transfer large loads to various heights, but also to serve the territory of warehouses, unload and load various kinds of unbearable materials, as well as transport.