Tile production technologies and a couple of tips for laying it

Few people know that ceramic and tiles are exactly the same. These are rectangular plates made of burned ceramics.

This material is used today for facing work. There are several types of tile mining. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.


The process is to spill clay mass in forms, and burning. This method is considered the oldest method for making tiles. Nowadays, it is not popular and is not applied, since this method does not allow you to achieve even edges at the tiles, and the dimensions of the tiles are unequal.


This method is even more unpopular, since its cost is much higher than casting, and the output of the finished product is incredibly small.


This method is associated with the stretching of the clay mass, with its subsequent sharp. The whole process is carried out using a special machine performing these processes.


This is the most common tile production method. He is the most technological. This technology allows you to get tiles of very high strength, for example, like Monopole tiles. She has extraordinary aesthetic qualities, has an attractive design and beautiful appearance.

Laying tiles, this is the same difficult process as its production. He requires a lot of attention and skill. First of all, before laying the tiles, the place planned for its installation should be pre -degree and very carefully cleaned. A similar operation must be done with the tile itself. Bathrooms of marble look very beautiful, though the cost of the material will be more expensive than a tile.

The whole process begins with the choice of the wall with which the styling itself will begin. It will be very useful to measure the room using a tape measure, to determine the size of the cutting, which may be needed.

Reliable and high -quality laying of tiles will be able to protect the owners of the house from constant repair of tiles and annual remake of this process.