Thermal imaging. Modern method for diagnosing premises

Thermal and thermal inspection, or thermal core, apartments, cottages and other residential premises is a modern non -contact and very effective method of identifying problem areas and zones of the building through which heat losses, as well as the appearance of mold and fungi, leakage, and also diagnose the state of contact electric power compounds to eliminate possible fire hazardous factors. This method has proven itself and its popularity is growing rapidly.

As a result of the examination,/ru/uslugi/teplovizionnaya-s-emka/teploaudit-kvartiry in just an hour and a half, you will have a report with a complete, real picture of the state of heat and moisture insulation of the house or apartment. And you will know exactly what needs to be done to eliminate unjustified heat loss, hidden moisture leaks, modernizing electrical equipment. Well, or provide these data to utility specialists who will do this all.

And where, first of all, the thermal imager of the problem finds? During the practice of such examinations, certain statistics have developed, which shows that the causes of increased heat loss are often:

a) violations of the technology for installing window structures;

b) ineffective double -glazed windows or loose fit of glasses in wooden frames, cracks in the frames themselves;

c) cracks or insufficient seal in the doorways;

d) wall defects or illiterate insulation.

In favor of conducting a thermal imaging examination, the owner of the housing will also know exactly where repairs are required and, therefore, monetary investments: in this way, money is saved, not to mention saving on heating itself.

By the way, the well -documented results of the thermal imaging can be crucial in the case of challenging the overstated, in your opinion, the bills for heat. In addition to this, the thermal imager is able to identify defects in the heating system – clogging, the uniformity of the distribution of the coolant, etc.D. And checking the efficiency of the work of warm floors – also in the competence of the thermal imager.

In addition, the thermal imaging procedure is carried out remotely, which does not interfere with the usual rhythm of the life of the owners of housing. It is convenient, effective and inexpensive. Save up to 45% on utility bills.