The Ukrainian register of real estate is not valid

Assessment of real estate objects is the area of ​​which the predominant majority of domestic citizens are not faced with so often.

It’s just that this event is enough to happen and a huge number of related questions arise that some of our compatriots bring to a state of hysteria, while others encourage thoughts regarding the formation of the legislative framework as a whole. Which contributes to the fact that the Ukrainian legislative framework is so often changing? Are all these innovations really required and how justified? Why it is necessary to prepare a huge number of useless documents, the absence of which would greatly facilitate the life of Ukrainians, and the transactions themselves would become less risky in nature. In our country, everything is carried out with the opposite initiative. Despite the solemn statements of officials about the successes achieved in the real estate market, these are actually completely absent.

Since the beginning of November, the next ambiguous resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding certain issues on the assessment with the aim of accruing and subsequent payment of transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate has entered into legal force. In fact, this resolution fundamentally changed the current rules for the implementation and implementation of transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate.

A few days earlier, from the chairman of the state property of the country, Mr. Ryabchenko, it became known that a sufficient number of subjects of assessment activities that may provide for subsequent taxation are valid in the country. Here are just a few enough important points were simply missed from the view.