The properties of a carbon stone

Catolic is a stone, the type of agate, orange-red color, is one of the most popular minerals from the chalcedonian subgroup. The name of the stone is like the word “heart” and it is often called by appearance by a combination of fire and blood, and accordingly life. In the Greek translation, carnolis means “Sarda Stone”.

What is the purpose of this stone? Of course, faith, truth and love. The possibility of preserving the life and family of a potential owner is hidden in his bowels. This stone is also nicknamed the love connector, because it can light up and attract the attention of the opposite half, give positive energy, protect from the evil eye and hardships, give extraordinary courage and prudence, and also make a family of prosperous.

What are the healing properties of a Cassolik in Feng Shui?

The healing properties of this stone were also known by ancient ancestors, using it in the treatment of many diseases. Egyptian healers in ancient times used a stone because it gave some mystical and wellness abilities. For this, the rock was rubbed into small powder and then added it to various products or water. He had a sedative effect and helped restore the forces spent after the fight against theils.

In the modern world, some lithotherapists openly argue that a carnelian as a mineral has projective energy. The stone is able to improve cerebral circulation, calm the brain and toothache, as well as eliminate thyroid diseases. Catolic is not only bright red, but also yellow, used to treat gastrointestinal diseases and constipation. The stone is effective for kidney diseases.

In general, a carmore is considered one of the best for the treatment of most diseases. There is even a certain term responsible for the orientation of treatment with this stone – fedolicotherapy.