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The number of transactions increased last year

According to official statistics, the total number of transactions with residential real estate objects over the reporting period of last 2012 increased by 37 percent, experts of our resource state. By the way, chemistry for the basin Kyiv also began to be purchased more often.

That’s just if we consider and take into account the total number of contracts that include residential real estate, then the real growth was about 8.6 percent.

In accordance with the data provided by the Ministry of Justice of the country during 2012, about 53 were registered in the Kiev real estate market.1 thousand transactions with residential objects that were directly related to the alienation of property rights to real estate objects. A little more than 33.5 thousand transactions were on residential real estate objects. If we draw a parallel with the total number of transactions throughout 2011, then such an increase was about 37 percent. That’s just a small number of transactions belonged to real estate of a residential type.

Experts note that more transactions were committed precisely during the second half of the year. Only in July to December, about 31 was officially registered from July to December.7 thousand transactions for the sale of real estate, which is more than 47.7 percent higher than the first half of the year, when only 21 were carried out.4 thousand transactions.

The corresponding data to the representatives of the Ministry of Justice were provided by lawyers who submit relevant information once every six months.

The cost of one square meter of residential real estate in the metropolitan region in early 2013 was about 1.7 thousand dollars, which is 3 percent higher compared to indicators, 2012.