The modern printer replaced the work of many thousands of clerks

People turned out to be little communication between themselves only in the voice and in the immediate vicinity. They have a need to transmit any information to the fellow tribesmen who are from them at a distant distance. To do this, they came up with special signs that later took shape in the letters. Thus, humanity has writing. And now people could write and send messages if necessary.

The spheres are gradually expanding, in which there is a need to keep records. The rulers loved to do this, forcing their subordinates to describe their exploits and achievements. And it is precisely to such records that we now know a lot about the life of our distant ancestors. But the robot of those people who conducted various records were rather difficult. Because they often had to write in the dim light of a candle. Therefore, many of them quickly lost their eyesight. And there were not so many competent people in former times.

Over time, you have to write more and more, since in state institutions you need to conduct documentation. The profession of a clerk appears, the task of which is to rewritten many documents. And in this field thousands of young people from poor families work in this field. And finally, in the 19th century a typewriter appeared, which greatly facilitated work with papers. But the 21st century provided the company with a beautiful small printing apparatus printer. There this work is performed using a cartridge. Here everyone will find suitable printers and other consumables for their printer.

Thus, at present, printing of any number of documents is not much difficulty. And if at first the printers were only in organizations, now, almost in every house where there is a computer, there is a printer. And now there is no need to stand somewhere in the queue, in anticipation when they print the document you need. True, now this service is provided in many institutions, or special departments in stores.