The main recommendations for the installation site of the pool

Every person who has his own cottage inevitably wants to have a clean lake or a pond in which you can swim with a hot summer day or evening. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this both due to the high cost and for other circumstances. And then there is a choice – getting into your own car and ride a river behind water procedures or equip a pool in your courtyard.

It is about pools that will be discussed today. Consider the main points that allow you to provide a personal small “lake” with cool water. If you are interested in the professional construction of pools, then see the information on /. The construction of pools in St. Petersburg is a complex process that depends on the success of how comfortable the tank will be used and how long it will last.

No one is surprised by the pool in the country, because if earlier it was a luxury item, now almost everyone can allow it.

However, first of all, you should decide on the materials, and where the pool will stand, as well as what form can be in the bowl.

The choice of the right location for the pool is extremely important, since it will not work to change it in the future. In this case, several factors are taken into account at once:

No trees should grow near the pool, since the roots can significantly disrupt waterproofing. Keep in mind that the tree is cheaper than to engage in the repair of the basin hydraulic system.

Consider the direction of the wind that will inevitably bring dirt to one of the sides of the pool. It is better to put the pool from the side where dirt and garbage will be easier to remove. You can also make a cunning – make a transfusion pipe so that dirt is removed along with excess water.

Soil type on your site. If the site stands at once on several soils, including clay, it is better to dig a pit under the pool in it. Earth with a high clay content passes less water and help to keep it to hold it.