The main points of the design of ceilings from GI PSOKRATON

It must be said that gypsum cardboard should be attributed to fairly well -known building materials, which is necessary and actively used in various repair work. This is environmentally friendly and safe material. Thanks to him, you can carry out work to align the walls, install various partitions, but it is mainly actively used to produce even, wonderful and multi -level ceilings.

Plasterboard ceilings

The main material that is used to install a suspended ceiling is considered gypsum cardboard. To do this, take a plaster sheet with a volume of 12.5 or 9.5 mm. The second option is used for residential premises. Because thanks to this, the mass of the design is facilitated and the procedure for its installation itself.

For bathrooms, moisture -resistant gypsum cardboard is used. Along with this, there are fire -resistant sheets of gypsum cardboard. However, they are quite rarely used. After all, this is quite expensive material. To install such a ceiling, it will require elements in the form of a guide profile, ceiling profile, direct suspension, profiles connector, self-tapping screws, anchor wedges and dowels-grooves. This also includes the use of building tools in the form of a level, roulette, drills, screwdrivers, crowns for large holes, sandpaper, spatula, shirts and a construction knife. It may also be required a lamp if it is possible to install it in the ceiling.

Such ceiling coatings are quite easily mounted. To implement this idea, it is not at all necessary to have special skills. After all, this is a fairly easily solvable task that any person can solve simple tools. If you use this material, then you can get a flat surface. Such material will hide various flaws in the form of cracks and bumps. Under such a material it is easy to hide wires and communications.

Now there are many options for designing the ceiling. In practical conditions, you can make a multi -level or single -level ceiling with any shade, depending on individual preferences. Using such a ceiling is a great idea for various experiments with light. The main thing is to adhere to the installed technologies and installation rules.

Before carrying out all the work, marking the ceiling design is carried out. This design should have high strength characteristics. For this purpose, all supporting parts are attached to the base at an equal distance. Thanks to this, the protection of the ceiling from sagging is created. After that, all work is carried out according to the instructions for installing the ceiling.

Rounding drywall

To implement the idea of ​​giving the premises a wonderful and respectable type, it is necessary to install multi -level ceilings with rounding. There are also certain solutions for drywall partitions in the room. Along with this, most customers try to round the door and window openings, making arched forms from them. Thanks to this room, a more outlandish look is given. After that, the household acquires other shades and is perceived differently. Such roundings can be done independently. Building crews are not taken into account for this. There are several options to solve these problems.

Sheets can also be moistened and then imposed on special templates. However, methods of creating slots in drywall sheets are quite widely popular. The joints are placed thanks to the lines that pass parallel to the bend (with a step of 1 cm). Then the cardboard is cut out on one side and along the intended lines. The main thing is not cutting out the cardboard sheet itself. Then you can carry out any rounding. In order to create a high strength of such holes, the slots can be filled with a gypsum solution. At the final stage, putty is carried out. Only after that do the ceilings acquire a more presentable look.

For putty piles, special paper is used. The finish procedure itself is carried out according to a certain scheme.

First, the seams are covered with putty. After that, a special tape from paper is superimposed on top and pressed with a spatula with the appendix of the maximum effort. Then a layer of the solution is applied and wiped with a grinder or sandpaper. Before installing the lamp ceiling, it is worth using a special drill-string for a round hole of the required size. For a hole that has a rectangular shape, a hacksaw on drywall can be used. But drywall dowels can be used to conduct light sources.

In principle, these are all the secrets of design design of gypsum plasterboard ceilings. Thanks to the use of these elements, you can create a unique ceiling.