The main malfunctions of the mixer with a vertical switch

The mixer installed in the bathroom with a vertically located button switch began to fail. Before calling a specialist, try to deal with the defect yourself. What if you manage to cope without outside help?

To do this, it is necessary to analyze possible malfunctions. For example, the switch button remains motionless even after both valves are tightly closed. There may be two reasons. And both are associated with a defect in the spring, worn on the rod: either it has lost its elasticity, or is completely broken. It is enough to change the broken part to a new one, but the lost elasticity can be tried to restore. To do this, the spring extracted from the mixer must be slightly stretched, then heated to redness and immediately cool into containers with water or oil.

But when the water begins to flow simultaneously from both the shower mesh and from the spout, it means that the time has come to change the rubber valve rings, t.To. They most likely worn out. But there is also a more prosaic reason – an ordinary snorka, which was borne by one of the rings. In this case, if the rings are not damaged, it is enough to only remove the sink. If the speck of the speck into rubber occurred, then, of course, change the ring.

Frequent cause of water flowing is a weak compression of the sealing rubber ring. To increase the seal, you need to wind a special thread under the rings, and then with the help of an adapter you need to squeeze the sealing rubber rings as much as possible.