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The light around the house

If you have real estate outside the city, then you just can not do without outdoor lighting. Many owners of their houses solve this problem on their own, forgetting that the market can offer them. So, first of all, the homeowner should achieve such lighting his territory, which could easily provide light and safe movement in his land in the night.

The next task is the direct organization of illumination, which would emphasize the originality of the house and the site itself as a whole, creating picturesque corners in the territory of the house. In this case, the lighting performs not only the functional task, but also represents a certain general architectural, or even an artistic solution. Lamps for outdoor lighting are divided into three types, these are street lamps, landscape and architectural.

Street lamps are installed directly on the street itself, illuminating paths, sites, entrance and entrance areas, providing duty lighting and so on. Such lamps have economical energy consumption and anti -vandal characteristics, as well as a high brightness of light. Landscaping lights are first used in the design of the Earth, illuminating trees, flower beds or shrubs, as well as to cover the house territory.

And architectural lamps are designed so that, being invisible, they give a maximum of light, which can be both ordinary and color, which gives additional expressiveness to various landscape details.