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The importance of the correct delivery of concrete

Concrete is needed for almost any construction work. But in order for your object to be performed efficiently, it is not enough just to choose an appropriate brand from a trusted manufacturer. In such a case, it is important as the concrete of St. Petersburg will be delivered. Because, as a rule, the mixture is ordered in large volumes. Therefore, it is necessary that concrete be transported using special equipment. Only in this case it is possible to maintain the necessary viscosity of the material without allowing its stratification, drying and shrinkage.

Auto -concrete mixers

The most rational and modern way of delivering concrete is its transportation in car reinforcements. These are machines that are equipped with tanks connected to the drive. Such a mechanism allows concrete to constantly mix, since the tank in which it is located rotates around the axis. Why did the need to move? If the concrete is constantly in passive conditions, then this will certainly affect its properties. A number of processes will occur that cannot be allowed before the further use of the mixture. The liquid can be distributed, the solution will shrink, heavier sand will fall to the bottom, which will lead to concrete stratification. Having lost the necessary indicators of viscosity, he becomes unusable. The continuous rotation of the tank of the car concrete mixer does not allow it to settle, thus maintaining its standard state. In this special equipment, the mixture can overcome long distances without losing its quality.

Concrete delivery in this way is popular, especially at large construction projects and in industry. The gas refill is at the mixture at the manufacturer, unloading-directly at the place of work using trays (up to 3 m) or other additional devices.