The frame for the pool

If your country house is located on the shore of a natural reservoir, then you are lucky. What to do if the site is located in the distance and your budget is limited, but I still want to have your own pool. The technology for installing frame pools comes to the rescue.

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Such pools are attractive in that they are sold in disassembled form and for their installation do not require special skills and even more so expensive construction work. The cost of such pools depends on volumes and additional equipment, in any case, their price is available to many.

In order to make the right choice of such a pool, you need to choose a place on the site, taking into account its features. The choice of pool structure configuration will depend on this. It is also necessary to pay attention to the rigidity of the walls of the pool, its length and width, the presence of a water treatment system and water treatment and a special coating that will protect the pool from the entry of leaves, sand and other garbage. Pay attention to the presence and type of important part – stairs for the frame pool.

There are children’s pools equipped with various slides and other attractions in the assortment. The place for installing the pool can be filled with sand, pebbles or slightly deepen the structure itself. There are many universal models of frame pools on the market that are quite popular.