The disadvantages of small reservoirs

Construction of reservoirs, the area of ​​which is less than 3.5 square meters. m, and the depth is less than 0.8 meters, it is inappropriate, since the water heating occurs very quickly, leading to the flowering of algae. Thus, due to a lack of oxygen, rotting of water begins and the release of an unpleasant odor. This can be avoided by protecting the reservoir from overheating using the structure from its south side of pergola or by plant shading or a deeper bowl device. Before starting the construction of a reservoir, consult a specialist.

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Behind a small pond, care is necessary in any case, it is periodically required to clean it for its normal functioning. Life in a small pond must be maintained using artificial water filtration.

Exist as an independent and full -fledged ecosystem, which does not require intervention in its life and special care, exclusively reservoirs are capable of, the size of which exceeds 1,100 kV. m.

Another significant problem of a small reservoir is its freezing in winter, which entails the death of its inhabitants. To avoid this, it is necessary to provide a sufficient depth, and in the winter to compensate for the lack of oxygen by installing a small ice hole. In addition, it is necessary to move fish and plants in winter from the pond to a warm room.