The device of the walk -behind tractor

Motoblok – Confusion for hilling or plowing of small areas of the summer cottage. As a rule, its main components are an engine, transmission, chassis, control system and aggregation.

The same device has a bridge of a salute. The engine can be used both gasoline and diesel. Previously, the use of a two -stroke engine was popular. Modern technology allow the use of a four -stroke engine. It should be said that the power of motoblocks is different and is from 1 to 10 horsepower.

As for the transmission, it can be differently arranged from a technical point of view. Distinguish between gear, dentate, belt-table-cod, hydraulic shock.

The most popular gear. They include a set of cylindrical and conical transmissions. Usually consist of a small number of steps and reverse. The shaft in the form of the knee is located with a horizontal orientation, at an angle of 90 degrees to the axis of the drive wheels.

A distinctive feature of the latter is the nation of two gearboxes. One of them is the upper toothed, the second is a nine worm. Transmission of this species are as compact as possible.

The following type is carried out under the direct effect of belt transmission. At the same time, the clutch function is performed.

Aggregation is a system that ensures the joint work of the walk -behind tractor and gun. The gun can be installed both on the main axis and on a special bracket.

Management is based on the action of the operator with the hands. Usually. On the case there are special steering devices that a person controls. There are usually devices on these handles that allow you to control the motorcycle unit. Not all motoblocks have brakes. As a rule, they are present only on heavy motoblocks.