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The construction of 320-meter twin towers in a suburb of Paris will end in 2017

The Russian construction company Hermitage received permission of the Paris authorities to build two tallest buildings throughout Europe in the suburbs of the capital of France. According to calculations, the construction of two twin towers of 320 meters will end in 2017. HERMITAGE belongs to Russian businessman Emin Iskenderov. According to Le Parisien, to build two 320-meter towers of Hermitage Plaza in a suburb of Paris, a town called Kurbevoa, allowed the vice-mayor of this settlement Jacques Kosovski. On the conclusion of this

The agreements were officially announced during the international real estate exhibition Mipim himself Emin Iskenders from his Apache II yacht, which was moored in Cannes.

As Kirvendov said, preparations for the beginning of construction work are scheduled for March 15. But before starting construction, the company must demolish three buildings located in this place. These buildings are the property of Damiers agency. Hermitage construction company will first have to provide housing to all employers of existing buildings that are planned for demolition. There are negotiations now regarding the relocation of sixty tenants from two buildings, Brittany and Anju. The company must resolve this issue in four months. Buildings will be destroyed immediately after signing the agreement. According to Lenderov, their demolition is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

The end of the construction of the twin towers themselves is scheduled for the second half of 2017, that is, their construction, according to plans, will last no more than five years. New buildings on calculations will be able to fit 500 all kinds of premises. Offices and a housing stock will be located here, the total area of ​​which will be about 370 thousand square meters. m. Also in one of the twin towers will be a hotel called Four Seasons.

It is interesting that the authors of this project had to reduce the height of planned buildings by 3 meters. But, even despite this, the project of Emin Iskender did not cease to be the highest European building. The construction of the twin towers began its implementation in 2007, but only three years later, Hermitage company presented all the necessary documentation of the Kurbevoa City Hall. Then the Iskenders said that all the papers managed to transport all the papers only with the help of two trucks.

The construction of the towers will begin according to the project of the British architect Norman Foster. In Russia, this architect is known for projects such as Russia’s Tower, located in Moscow City. The famous French Viaduce Miyo, who is located in the south of France, is also the Norman Foster project. Reportedly, 2 billion euros are planned for the construction of Hermitage Plaza. The name of the bank, which is a sponsor of this large -scale construction, is not reported.

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