The arrangement of the dressing room

Wardrobe – a very convenient and useful “invention” of mankind. Each thing here lies in its place, which can extend their service life, and you can always find what you need, without rummage in bulky cabinets, calmly measure and decompose in place. It is not surprising that many women, and some men, dream of such a room. If you also belong to these people, then this is an article for you.

Let’s start with the room. If you purchased an apartment of free layout, there will be no special problems with the search for a room for a dressing room. You can also use the pantry or closet, and if there is no separate room, “cut” the part of the room or corridor and place the racks with sections or wall panels with shelves, rods for hangers. If you managed to find a separate room, then doors are placed (“accordion”, swing, sliding ”, if not, the partition is used. Typically, for partitions or doors, wood panels, laminated chipboard, polyvinyl chloride panels and even glass are used. The use of mirror partitions or doors will visually increase the space. The design of the dressing room, including doors and partitions, depends on the general style of housing.

How to fill the dressing room? First of all, it is necessary to divide the room into zones of placement of things. They differ in height and are divided into upper (above 190 cm), average (60-190 cm) and lower (up to 60 cm from the floor). In the upper zone, it is recommended to arrange things that are not worn so often. For example, there you can remove winter hats, scarves, etc.D. A little lower-at an altitude of 130-190 cm-you can decompose infrequently used things and blankets for possible guests. The lower zone is intended mainly for infrequently used shoes, which is stored in drawers at a height of 25-40 cm. The average zone that occupies a height of 60-130 cm is the best place for things that you constantly wear.

Most of the dressing room is usually composed of departments where clothes on the shoulders are stored. The rods for hangers are installed at a height of 140-190 cm, and a detachment for hats with a height of at least 17 cm and 24 cm deep is equipped above the bar.

It is advisable to store shoes on a shelf 35 cm deep and 10-45 cm high, which is located in the lower zone.

What to do if there is no separate room for the dressing room? Use the case of the case modular furniture, which will make it possible to make a small dressing room in the bedroom or corridor. Today there are many companies that produce dressing room furniture, and it is recommended to contact them to find what is suitable for your room

As for the storage system, you can use mesh. To do this, a supporting rake is attached to the wall or partition, which the components are freely hung. The guides can be shifted to the side, and their length and shape depends on the selected shelves.