The arrangement of artesian wells

Constant access to the required level of water is the key to a comfortable, calm living. The presence of a private house involves the use of a well, well. The second option has many important advantages, so it becomes common, despite the high cost.

There are two main stages of work:




The arrangement has several stages. The operation of the system depends on the quality of the implementation of each.

Work with Kesson. The soil should be thoroughly removed at a depth of two meters near the column, lower the caisson: it is located outside the well system, which is well attached. The mechanism plays an important role – protects against the penetration of groundwater, does not allow the system to freeze. Kesson is characterized as a piece of pipe, which is worked out inside the composition against corrosion, there is waterproofing on top. The arrangement of wells by specialists at this stage does not take much time.

Installation of the pump. Permanent water supply for many years is ensured due to a high -quality, suitable pump. Often chosen brands of Germany. Cable, plastic pipe, cable are connected to the structure. Parts are sent to the mouth of the well system to the pipe segment described above, fixed on the headline installed to the column.

Working with electric equipment. Control design – the device responsible for turning off and turning on the pump, which is equipped with a submersible electric engine. Thanks to this device, the electric engine is protected from dry stroke, a jump in voltage, other factors that adversely affect the system.

Laying of the pipeline. The prices for drilling wells include this stage if the system is not arranged independently. Experts know how to quickly and efficiently lay pipes.

Installation of the accumulator. Its purpose is to establish the limit of pressure increase, reduce the number of inclusions of pumping equipment. The volume depends on the amount of water consumed. After installation, the cleaning filter is mounted, an exit to the overall system is created.

To be sure of the need for wells, you need to do water analysis so as not to spend a lot of money in vain. If the analysis shows an acceptable water quality, the system will be useful and durable. It is not recommended to perform work on your own, they require special equipment and skills.