Ideas for giving

Stylish “clothing” for walls

A person who makes repairs often faces the question of which wallpaper to choose to keep up with fashion? But you do not need to be based on fashion, you need to choose what is suitable for the design of your apartment. Today, among the wallpaper, very fashionable pastel colors. To soften the general type of interior, beige colors, delicate coral, sky blue, soft pistachio are used, thereby giving contrast with decor elements or brutal furniture.

If you prefer wallpaper with drawings, you should pay attention to floral motifs – roses, cornflowers, cloves and tulips, which are now the most popular. The main thing here is that the drawing is diverse and is not boring. The new murals are considered new on the market, which today are firmly worth on the fashionable pedestal. Wall murals can be with a variety of images from nature to city jungle of Milan and New York. Everyone chooses for their interior and taste. The decoration of the walls, in addition to its main purpose, will be Fabbian lamps. Now let’s move on to the varieties of wallpaper.

The main materials from which wallpaper is made, this is vinyl, non -woven and paper. The most popular are paper wallpapers, but they serve the least. Paper wallpaper is not recommended to glue in the bathroom and in the kitchen, because they are not designed for high moisture, and do not tolerate strong smells. Paper wallpaper are structural and smooth, single -layer and two -layer.

Vinyl wallpapers are the same paper wallpaper with a layer of polyvinyl chloride from above, where the pattern is applied to the upper layer of vinyl. These wallpapers will last a long time and make it possible to wet cleaning. There are several types of such wallpapers: wallpaper with hot embossing (silkography) that look spectacular and are very popular; and structural wallpaper without embossing.

Overwater wallpaper is made on the basis of cellulose. They are strong, do not absorb smells, and mask the cracks and the uneven walls.

When buying wallpaper, you need to carefully read the label, there you will find everything about their properties and quality.