Stay with former friends

After parting, the question arises – whether it is worth staying with former friends. Of course, it depends on many factors, circumstances and, of course, you yourself.

Stay with former friends

Sometimes to remain friends with the former is a bad idea. However, in some cases, this is the best option of all possible.

Features of such friendship

Most often, to stay with former friends, this is more a forced measure than a desire coming from the heart. The thing is that former partners often come from one circle and avoid contact with each other simply. However, you should know all the features of such a friendship between former partners.

You are no longer together, so you should leave all your hopes and expectations about this person if there are such.

There is no need to wait for some special relationship or attention from the former partner, which was before. Now you are just former.

Now being in the company of your ex, you will no longer be able to feel comfortable. You will experience some awkwardness, especially at first.

Do not try to get closer. If your former partner makes such attempts, try to stop these attempts. If you are sure that you want to be just friends, then behave accordingly. If you don’t, you first need to understand your feelings and relationships, and then think about whether to stay you friends.

Try to ensure that your attitude to the former is no worse and no better than your other friends and friends.

It is not necessary with all the appearance to show defiantly as if you do not care about your former. It is also not necessary to show that he is an empty place and it does not exist for you.

Also remember that you broke up, which means that from now on you nor your former have the right to intervene in each other’s personal life.

Try to avoid joint gatherings with alcohol drinks. After all, under their action, it is not rare to rush by old feelings, and you can do stupid things and complicate everything even more.

If you adhere to all these features and rules, you can really stay with former friends. But do not hope that you will become best friends.

Stay with former friends

The biggest thing you can count on after a breakup of relations is on good, even friendly relations.

When to stay friends is a good idea

This depends to a greater extent on how you evaluate your relationship and how difficult your parting was. If your parting has passed quietly and calmly, which happens, not so often, then nothing is in the way to stay in friendly relations. For example, sometimes it happens that at first people are just friends, then they decide to be together and they begin a romantic relationship. But after a while they understand that their relationship has no future, and they diverge, but while maintaining their friendly good relations. If, on the contrary, your parting was quite difficult, it did not work out peacefully and on whom you have guilt for a broken heart and the lost years then you need to find out if there are any disabilities between you. You should make sure that you were able to find out everything between you, you all analyzed and so on. If you both understand that everything has forgiven each other and are ready to move on each of your own way then you may well hope that you can maintain good relations.

Stay with former friends

You can stay friends if you know for sure that you do not feel anymore for your former attachment partner. If you are not sure of this and feel that the attachment has remained, then it is better to stay away from the former. All because such your desire to remain friends can be caused by a subconscious desire to regain relationships. If you have already started a new relationship and your current partner against your friendship with the former, then you yourself must decide what is more important to you – new relations or what has long been left in the past. You yourself must decide what is more important to you, building new happy relationships or a connection with your past. Of course, you should remain friends if you have common children.

You should make every effort so that your relationship remains good. And this is no longer for yourself, but for your children. It will be better for them to see the warm friendly relations of parents, and not to observe how mom and dad constantly swear, or do not talk to each other at all. If you have a sense of revenge in relation to the former partner and you want to remain friends only in order to then take revenge on how to do what to do only you. However, it is worth considering that besides second satisfaction, you will no longer feel any joy. And opposite you will be disappointed, sadness and so on.