Simplification of registration of real estate rights

From February 12 of this year, the process of state registration of the right to an object of real estate, as well as its weight will be carried out in accordance with the simplified procedure.

Already in this 2014, it should officially and fully earn an updated version of the procedure for registering ownership of real estate objects. The authors of additions and changes pay attention to the fact that the innovation introduced by the indicated decree will significantly contribute to the provision of better administrative services not only for individuals, but also. From February 12, it will be possible to obtain reliable information regarding registration from specialized registers, which were formed in the period until January 1 of this year.

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The main innovation is an alternative to provide documentation for the implementation of the procedure for state registration of property rights.

Its essence lies in the immediate opportunity to apply the applicants, sending a courier service and sending through mail. Previously, there was an exclusively opportunity to directly apply to applicants. Now it is possible to simultaneously register the right of ownership and property law, which are derivatives of property rights.