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Siding the price for work, advantages of material

You are faced with a choice and do not know which material to choose for the decoration of the facade? Pay attention to the basement and vinyl siding.

The roots of the origin of siding go to the 19th century, to the northern part of America. At that time, residents strengthened the facades with boards that were nailed from an angle. In the middle of the last millennium, Siding ceased to be wooden and earned great popularity in European countries.

Siding is durable material, provided that it was mounted correctly, observing the technology. In order for the facade to serve for many years at the places of attachment during installation, it is necessary to leave the gaps. The gaps provide temperature deformation of siding, which is inevitable at high temperatures. Deformation, perhaps, the main drawback of the material. Its improper installation will lead to a change in functionality and appearance. Vinyl coating does not tolerate frosts, at low temperatures, it becomes fragile.

Advantages of siding resistance to adverse factors and non -toxicity. The average life of the material is 25 years, in combination with an acceptable price – this is the best option. A fighter plus siding – it can be repainted as much as you like, painted facades in Gomel – the service is especially for you, if the color of the facade of the house has faded or there is a desire to replace the facade in a different color.

The polymer layer is resistant to corrosion, and the care of it is minimal. You can clean the siding from contaminants with a stream of a hose and a rag.

Installation of siding is simple, the facade of the building can be faced in any weather and time of the year. If you have at least the initial construction skills, you can do it yourself without resorting to the service of a construction team.

If you have no time to engage in construction, various companies will carry out professional decoration with siding and insulation of the facade. Distribution with siding prices for work: facade sheathing – 180 rubles per square meter, waterproofing device – 45 rubles per m2, installation of the crate – 75 rubles square meter.