Setting the size of the door stands

Door racks are cut with a certain allowance, in size of a slit or a clearance located between the door frame and the floor. They are standardly made in size about 10 millimeters. But there are doors for which this gap is made a little larger. For example, for the normal implementation of ventilation (ventilation) in the room, this gap is performed between the floor and the doorway of at least 15 millimeters. This value in a certain sense directly depends on what horizontality the floor covering is, or, for example, whether this villi coating has or not. These and many other conditions must be taken into account when performing such work.

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When marking the racks, there is no need to perform additional calculations, you just need to make sure that at the end of the installation of the loops, a rack with individual elements, install in the loops. The loops fixed on the very edge of the door leaf, and on the rack marked the edge of the door of the door, marked by the lower arrangement of the edge of the door, and here it is the necessary measurement from this mark.

The doors are best installed before covering the base of the floor, otherwise it can be damaged. But when laying on the floor of the parquet or other coating, the masters have a problem how to accurately make all the necessary cutouts in the materials for installation, so that they reproduce, with maximum accuracy, the profile of the door box.

There is a way out of this situation. In this case, the caused cuts are performed (they are performed before the start of the door frame) in the doorbox racks at the due level of the not yet covered floor, and then with the help of the chisel are cooked. As a result, a certain groove comes out, where a laminate or tile is laid when laying the flooring of the floor. All the gaps formed are sealed with a sealant of a multi -colored look, which approaches the color of the door.